Friday, October 10, 2008

How to use equipment

The most important parts of fire extinguisher are the handle,the cylinder and the nozzle.In order to release the chemicals,you must press the handle.So,first,remove the locking pin.Next,hold the cylinder upright.Now stand about three metres from the source of the fire.Pick up the nozzle and aim it at the best of the fire.Squeeze the handle for the chemicals to be released.You have to move the nozzle from side to side.Keep on pressing the handle until the fire is completely out.If you cannot control the fire or if it spreads,you have to ask someone for help to call the Fire Department.While waiting for the Fire Brigade to respond get yourself out of the house.Inform the neighbours to take precautionary measures.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

what to do during a fire drill

when you hear the school bell ring continuously for one minute you will know that this is a fire drill and you must take the appropriate steps.Quickly line up outside your classroom.Do not make too much noise.Wait for your class monitor to check on attendance.The class monitor should call out all the names in the class register.He should take note of all those absent so that he can give the names to teacher.Walk in an orderly manner to the main entrance.Do not push or giggle at this time.All drills should be taken seriously.Each class follow an assigned route to the assembly area.Assemble in the school field.Your position should have been assigned to your class earlier and your class monitor will lead you to the spot.Do not move away at any point.Your teacher will check the register.Remain quiet until told to return your class.A fire drill is an important part of school procedures and should be taken seriously.

An unusual Hobby

I have an unusual hobby.I love skateboarding of the extreme kind.There is a small group of us who try to outdo each other in the 'tricks'-the more dangerous,the better.I started skateboarding at a very young age.My father bought me a skateboard when i was nine and i took a great liking to it.At first i 'walked' more than skated on it.Then i gathered courage and actually skated.There was a skating rink in my housing estate for those who rollerblade and the smooth paths helped me become more confident.I started watching extreme sports shows on television.I also bought video tapes and magazine and finally joined a small group of skateboarders.Some of us even tried dance steps on skateboards.I like skateboarding because I find it exciting.A little danger adds to the thrill.Skateboarding is also a good form of exercise .My parents are not too keen my hobby .They would rather i do something safer like jogging or cycling.When i talk about taking part in extreme sport festivals ,they protest strongly.They do not like what they seen on television.I do not blame them.I still enjoy the skateboard.

A car for future

The car is called Future Model XO.Although it has a simple design,it is the built on the most advanced technology.It does not run on fossil fuels and thus is energy saving and non polluting.It is shaped like a bread box,with rounded corners that make it look attractive.At present it comes in only one size,that of an average passenger car.It has a seating capacity for five adults,including the driver.All five seats in the car are ergonomically-designed.Passengers have good back support and plenty of leg room.All seats have individual levers for adjusting their positions into upright.The car's electric motor runs on solar energy.There is no exhaust pipe.Therefore it is vehicle that does not pollute the air.The very efficient motor is also designed to store energy whether it is running or at rest.This ensures a constant supply of power to the engine.The body of the car is built with a special insulating material.No air conditioning is required.Above the dashboard is a special monitoring device that sets the inside temperature at a comfortable level.Thus the car is warm in cold temperature and cool when it is hot outside.This is indeed a car that will solve our energy problems and bring clean air back to the environment.

Keys to Health

To stay healthy,you need to work on exercise,diet,weigth control and good health habits.Regular exercise is essential for good health.It good the muscles,strengthens the bones and makes the hearth and lung work better.Exercise also helps to relieve stress.The most beneficial type of exercise is aerobics.Aerobic exercise in the form of jogging,cycling and swimming,strengthens the heart.To maintain a healthy life,it is necessary to develop good dietary habits.Eat more whole-wheat grains,fruits,vegetables and fish.Decrease intake of animal protein and fats.Use less salt and take at least 1000mg of calcium a day.Developing good health habits is important if you want to keep healthy.Dont's smoke,avoid excessive alcohol intake,and keep moderate hours.Go to bed early and wake up early.Being overweight can lead to a lot of health problems.You can suffer from heart disease,high blood pressure and gall bladder disease.Weight control requires effort and self control.Diet and exercise play the most important role in weight control.There are other threats to health but if you remember the points mentioned above,you should enjoy good health.

Traditinal Entertainment

It is sad that the traditional forms of entertainment such as mak yong laut,wayang kulit,bangsawan and mak yong are rarely seen these days.The wayang kulit was vvery popular in the 1950s but there are now only two or three puppeteers(dalang) still actively performing.Even they have to supplement their income by selling puppets or fishing.It has not always been like this.For example,in the 1920s Malay opera(bangsawan) was so popular that the performers were full time actors.What has caused the declined of traditional entertainment?The obvious cause is the loss of interest and support from the public.Young malaysians,especially,have no interest in the old forms of entertainment.Furthermore,there are no special programmes to train new performers.Old artistes discourage their children from performing.So what can be done to save traditional entertainment?The first step is to provide oppurtunities for traditional artistes to perform .Sponsorship from bodies like the Tourist Development Corporition will help.Finally it is clear that these steps must be taken to preserve traditional entertainment for future generations

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soy-wonder anticancer agent for reproductive health

You have heard it before,eat your fruit and vegetables,it is good for you!Well,it is true.Eating more broccoli,cauliflower,grapes,onions,and soy beans may help to protect you from cancer.It is not just because of the nutrients they contain,but it is more likely because of these chemicals found in these foods.These chemicals are called 'phytochemical'.Phytochemicals are actually health benefiting compounds in food that cause reduction of particular degenerative disease.There are predominately found in certain categories of food called functional food influences specific physiological functions in the body,providing benefits to health,well-being or performance on an individual,beyond its regular nutrition.For example
From tofu and tacos to baby formula and burgers,soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of protein,with a reputation for being all natural and good for you.Soybeans contain an impressive array of phytochemicals,the most interesting of which are known as isoflavones,a natural chemical that mimics estrogen,the female hormone.Mounting evidence points to the fact that eating soy foods may reduce risk of ovarian,breast and even prostate cancer.Research suggests that soy isoflavones act in four distinct ways:as estrogens and antiestrogens,as cancer-enzyme inhibitor,as antioxidant and as immune enhancers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Commercial potential of mas cotek

The technology to domesticate mas cotek both under open and containerized planting systems and development of standardized,safe and effective extract of mas cotek will help in the large scale production of the raw materials required by herbal manufactures.This will ensure that the quantity and quality of the materials meet the minimal requirements specified by herbal manufacturers.Mas cotek can be one of the commercial alternative crops for tobacco farmers on bris sandy soil.The commercial potential is very high since the demand for mas cotek raw materials by the manufacturers are currently very high and the plant is highly adaptable to bris sandy soil.Biochemical studies conducted showed that mas cotek leaves contain o.o4% of meratanol.This compounds has the potential to be used as a chemicals marker or biomarker due to the significant amounts of meratanol in the leaves.An analytical method for analyzing the moretenol content by using gas chromatography mass spectrometer was developed.Result obtained also showed that the total polyphenol content of the leaves was higher in the upper parts of the plants.This information will be helpful in developing the harvesting strategies for both the open and field planting of mas cotek.

Technology mechanization system for vegetable production under greenhouse and open field

Conventional manual vegetable farming in the open field and greenhouse is labour intensive,time consuming and inefficient.It is frequently associated with low yield and poor quality production.The constraints of conventional vegetable farming are high labour requirements in land clearing,ploughing,soil milling,bed forming,mulch laying,transplanting,seeding,fertilizing,chemical spraying,weeding,watering,harvesting and transporting.Therefore,a mechanization system package has been developed to adress these constraints.The system used the readily available prime movers and implements with some modifications to the system before appling to various type of vegetables production in small open field and also greenhouse.Small four-wheel or two-wheel tractor as a prime mover used in this mechanization system to provide take off that operates with various implements attached to them.The implements used were plough,rotorvator,soil miller,bed former,fertilizer applicator,transplanter,seeder,boom sprayer,weedier,harvester and trailer.The developed mechanization system requires additional costs in machinery acquisition,maintenance and fuel.However,with proper planning,managements and sufficients area of cultivation made,the production technically feasible and economically viable.

Resveratrol-the cutting edge of dietary phytochemical research

One of the most dynamic areas in the phytochemical research is on the super dietary phytochemical resveratrol.Resveratrol is the first dietary phytochemical to have solid evidence behind it showing that it blocks or stops many stages of cancer.Resveratrol not only prevents cancer,buts it is also being proposed as an additional treatment for cancer.Resveratrol can act on cancer cells in many diverse ways,from blocking estrogen and androgens to modulating genes.Unlike chemotherapeutic drugs used in treating cancer that affect normal as well as cancer cells,resveratrol does not damage healthy cells and it also protect them.Resveratrol has sophisticated antioxidant properties,it does not just scavenge free radicals,it also activates and deactivates critical enzyme and genes,hormones and chemicals related with the extraditing free radicals.So,where can we find this super-phytochemical?Resveratrol is naturally created by certain vines,pine tress,peanuts,grapes, and in an Asian medical plant,Polygonum cuspidatum or giant knotweed.

Life enhacing beverages-the green tea

When Mother Nature takes a shine to something,she can be most kind and generous.How else can one explain the marvelous properties of the green tea?Since time immemorial,imbibing the humble but delightful beverage called tea has given people pleasure and comfort-and nourishment as well (although that is not usually a major consideration).Next to water,tea is the most popular beverages on earth.Studies conducted by the University of Murcia in Spain and the John Innes Center in Norwich,England have discovered that green tea can prevent cancer cells from growing.Green tea contains chemicals compounds called catechins,which have remarkable powers to not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells but also help stave off diabetes.One catechin in particular,called EGCG(epigallocatechingallate),is considered by some scientists to be among the most promising natural anticancer compounds ever discovered.The EGCG stops cancer cells from growing by binding with an enzyme,called dihydrofolate reductase,in the body.Scientist have also found that the structure and the mode of action of EGCG is very similiar to a cancer drug called methotrexate.These findings have promoted studies about EGCG based cancer treatment.This would mean less side effects,as EGCG does not aggresively attack healthy cells.

Onions and garlic -the popular cousins in fighting stomatch and prostate cancer

What would like be like without onions and organic?The onion and its botonical cousins,garlic has been used as an ingredient in various dishes for thousands of years by many cultures around around the world.They show up in probably more recipes than any other vegetables.They both have a long history of use as medicine,and their benefits are now verified by modern science.Garlic and Onions,as well as shallots,leeks,scallions,and chives,contain natural cancer fighting substances and one of them has been identified as allicin.Some of this compounds were found to inhibit the growth of tumors in rates and mices.Although research is still in its early stages,a few studies have also shown that onion and garlic consumption is associated with a reduced risk of certain cancer in people.Studies indicate that the Chinese with the highest intake of onions,garlic,and other Allium vegetables have a risk of stomatch cancer 40 percent less than those with the lowest intake.Elderly Dutch men and women with the highest onion consumption(at least one-half onion/day) had one-half the level of stomatch cancer compared with those not consuming onions at all.Astounding results were recently obtained by a group of researches at the National Cancer Institute,in Shanghai,China.Individuals who reported eating the most Allium vegetables(garlic,scallions,onions,chives and leeks)were found to have nearly 50 percent lower prostate cancer risk than those who ate very little or none.

Cruciferous vegetables-excellent cancer fighter

Over the past 20 years,scientists all over the world have consistently found that people who eat greater amounts of vegetables and fruits have lower rates of cancer.For example,researchers have discovered that cruciferous vegetables -such as broccoli,cauliflower,brussels sprouts,kale and turnips-are brimming with a natural chemical that can significant lower your risk of cancer.The name of this extraordinary chemicals is indole-3-carbinol.Supplementing food that contains indole-3-carbinol has been found to reduce 'estradiol' levels,thereby significantly decreasing the threat of breast or prostate cancer.Indole-3-carbinol also encourage a process called apoptosis,which involves the elimination of cancerous cells from your body.Not only that,researches have also found that this pythochemical can help prevent cancer cells from growing-that is it inhibits cancer cells by an extraordinary 90 percent in some cases.In addition to indole-3-carbinol,cruciferous vegetables also contain another important cancer fighter,the isothiocyanates.Researchers in Finland have identified this compound in sauerkraut,a traditional German dish made from fermented cabbage,In animal studies,this compounds prevented the growth of cancer particularly in the breast,colon,lung and liver.Both these pythochemicals were found to enhance DNA repair in cells,perhaps helping to stop them becoming cancerous as reported in a recent British Journal of cancer.

Super-antioxidant for cancer prevention and cure

What are antioxidants?They are any compounds that protect the body from adverse biological reactions involving oxygen.This may sound strange,because we know that oxygen is necessary for the body to function,without oxygen,our cells die within minutes.A great irony of nature is that the body's natural metabolism involving oxygen also produces a host of toxic compounds called 'free radical'.These compounds can harm body cells by altering molecules of protein and fat,and by damaging DNA.Antioxidants counteract,or neutralize,the harmful effects of free radicals.Through enormous research over the past decade,a huge array of antioxidant phytochemicals found in the plant kingdom have been identified.The important ones that have been studied for their ability to fight cancer are lycopene,beta-carotene,curcumin,resveratrol and many different kinds of polyphenols,including the class flavonoid.Because these phytochemicals are in the fruits,vegetables,beans,and grains you eat,it is fairly easy to include them in your diet.

Natural enzyme from wood

Microbial enzymes for the treatment of textile industrial effluent are more economical and environmental friendly than chemicals.Malaysia exported textiles valued at RM8.48 billion to markets of the USA,singapore,UK,Hong Kong,Combodia,Indonesia,India and Vietnam.Synthetic dyes extensively used in textiles industries are very recalcitrant against biodegradative processes.The effluents generated from these industries create major environmental pollution problems.Fungus identified as Pycnoporus cinnabarinus was isolated from local hard wood.This fungus was able to completly decolorized azo dyes namely congo red,orange11,orange G and ponceau 2R.Under low nitrogen medium,this fungus produces laccases and lignin peroxidase that decolorized azo dyes forming phenolic compounds,thereby avoiding the formation of toxic aromatic amines.High yields of lacasses ang lignin peroxidase were obtained in liquid and solid fermentation using agro-waste particularly wood dust or rice straw as carbon source at ambient temperature.

Background of Mas Cotek

Mas cotek(Ficus deltoidea) or Mistletoe figs is gaining popularity among the local herbal practitioner in Malaysia and Indonesia.It is traditionally used as the postpartum treatment and for treatment of gout,pneunomia,diabetes and hypertension.Numerous commercial products developed from mas cotek are available in the markets in a number of forms.Mas cotek is an epiphyte and found growing mainly on the branches of higher plant.Presently,the raw materials used in the manufacturing of commercial products are collected from the forests.If the collection and harvesting of this plant species from the wild are not checked,this important plant species might go to an extinct.In order to make sure that these herbal genetic resources are preserved for future generations to exploit and utilize,several pro-active conservation measures that include domestication should be adopted .These include identification of potential accessions,requirement for planting medium,water and other agronomic practises.Evaluations on the incedence of pets and disease were also conducted.The bioactive contents were also studied in the effort to develop an effective and safe standardized products based on mas cotek

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What makes a good power point and presenter?

A Good power point presentation must be included:

1 have attention getter
2 use simple word to understand the audience
3 don't write more than neceesary
4 enclose some picture to attract the audience
5 have a good body and conclusion
6 background not too crowded
7 conclusion-summary of main point
8 the slide must be concise and clear
9 lastly it must be well organized

A Good presenter must have:

1 arrange your point clearly
2 be simple and direct
3 don't make rude or unnecessary jokes
4 be confident
5 adress the audience appropriately eg:ladies and gentlemen,my friend,etc
6 put each eloboration in a new paragraph
7 don't go out of point
8 speak loudly and clearly
9 don't turn back against your audience
10don't read your text too much

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The oldest radio service?

Amateur's have been around since the beginning of radio itself when many individuals built,communicated and experimented with radio.They communicated using Morse cord,that strange configuration of dits and dash still holds the fascination of many operators todays.Amateur's,or ''hams'' as we are known,have been at the forefront of radio technology.Many hams have pioneered the art of radio and provided experimentation which has led to many of today's high technology communication capabilities.A good example of this experimentation is communicating through a personal computer.Hams also communicate with computers,but instead of using the phone lines to transfer the information,we send the information over the air waves using HF or VHF/UHF radio equipment.

What is the life cycle of a star?

A star is large ball of gas that gives off light from an ongoing nuclear reaction.The reaction starts when temperatures in the dense gas core reach about 1800,000F and this nuclear fusion can go on for billions of years.Stars about to be born from a cloud of gas and dust are called protostar;bright stars like our sun are in the prime of life.Aging stars expand and grow into hot red giants,then they cool,and shrink into bright white dwarfs.When a star runs out of fuel,it reaches the end of its life,like this doomed star captured by the Hubble Teleschope

What planets don't have moons?

In our solar system,only two planet don't have moons.The planet closest to the Sun,Mercury,doen't have any natural satellites.Even though Venus is nearly the same size,mass,and distance from the sun as the earth,Venus also does;t have moons.But between 1672 and 1892,a few astronomers saw something near venus that seemed like a moon.In 1884,one astronomer suggested that they had seen a new planet that was in conjuntion with Venus every 1080 days.He named the planet Neith.But later scientist proved that it wasn't a planet at all-astronomers had mistaken distant stars and asteroids as a moon or planet.So Venus is alone in its orbit.

reference from:the book of universe

Are UFO real?and Why are some stars red??

THE truth is ,nobody knows for sure,but it's very unlikely that UFOs are real.Why?Because the distance between the Earth and the nearest posible source of intelligent life is very,very large.It would take millions and millions of years for a spaceship to travel this distance.But there may be intelligent alien life out there,far away-you can learn more about the search for
''extraterrestrial''(meaning ''outside of the Earth'') life at this great site,Life Beyond Earth.

A star's temperature dictases its color-a blue-white star is very dense and hot,while a red star indicates that its energy has begun to fade.Therefore,a star that is nearing the end of its life is called a red giant.While humans grow smaller in old age,stars grow bigger until they eventually collapse and die.In the far-off future,our sun will probably ballon into a red giant and destroy the Earth!Fortunately.,it'll be a long time before we have to deal with that problem.

reference from:the book of universe

Why is it cold in space?

The average temperature in deep space is about 3 degrees above absolute zero(that's the coldest anything can get).But some parts of space are hotter.Near a star,space is hot because stars give off radiation.Earth is swarm because it's close to the Sun,and it's atmosphere trap's the Sun's heat.But most of space is very cold because the universe is always expanding.The Big Bang theory explains how the universe was created with a huge explosion where matter started moving outward.As matter expanded,it good cooler.Scientists can measure this temperature and call it the cosmic backgroud radiation.It's the same everywhere in the universe,unless a star like the Sun is around to heat things up.

reference from national geographic channel

The ways to protects your computer from viruses

There are some ways to protect the computer from viruses.First,install the antivirus software in the computer to safeguard from damaging viruses.Second,purchase software from a trusted and reliable source.Third,when copying data onto a floppy diskette,run a virus check on the diskette before using it.Fourth,viruses can move across computers through e-mails,therefore,e-mails users should not open mails from uncertain sources.Finally,use the computer virus killing software to eliminate an existing computer virus.Additionally,scan and carefully examine the entire system to ensure that the virus did not penetrates other parts.

Why coral reefs should be conserved?

Coral reefs should be conserved for several reason.One is to prevent some marine species from extinction.Furthermore,coral reefs are an important source of nutrition and livelihood for many.Conserving reefs also contributes to the economy of fishermen as the yield for marine reserves are encouraging.Besides that,coral reefs help to maintain the habitats of many marine species by facilitating the growth of mangrove swamps and seagrasses.Reefs also helps to prevent shoreline erosion.Corals are also valuable as potentiol sources for medicines.Finally,coral reefs have the potential to increase the income generated from eco-tourism.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How stress affects performance

Sufficient stress causes a state of healty tension and helps us perform well.If we have too little stress,we become laid back.while too much stress can cause exhaustion and possible illness.Good stress motivates us to achieve sucess,as the pressure enables us to work more effectively.Stress also helps us to give our best in challenging situations.Furthermore it helps us to carry out day-to-day activities adequately.However if the extent of action required is greater than can be performed,unhealthy stress can arise.Working under stress for long periods of time can affects our job,relationships and health.

Advantages and Disadvantages of surfing the internet

Surfing the internet allows a person easy acess to information.Users can do research via the internet.Besides,they can exchanges news and ideas and make friends in 'chatrooms'.Moreover,they can recieve advertisements on products and services available online.However,surfing the internet can be misused.This occurs when people use it source for immoral materials and to spread rumours and lies using 'chatrooms' facilities.This unfounded news may cause panic and unrest.Virtual friendship can also be 'addictive',time-consuming,deceptive and expensive.Furthermore,users are bombarded with genuine and bogus advertisements of products and services.

''RUKUN TETANGGA'' teams be set up to patrol the neighbourhood at night.

There has been an icrease in burglaries in my neighbourhod and the residents are very worried about their safety.So leader in my villages was forward a proposal that is to set up Rukun Tetangga teams to patrol neighbourhood at night.This method has been proven to be effective with its past implementation in many neighbourhood.There is zero cost as residents take turns to patrol the neighbourhood.Because the patrolling is done at night,this will deter many break-ins as most of the case happen in the night and early morning.Lastly,besides being an effective deterrent,the other benefit of a Rukun Tetangga patrol is that resident get to know one another and build rapport amongst themselves.This in itself is a benefit as a residents who know one another well,will be able to discuss issues and work closely to improve the safety of their neighbourhood.

student's academic performance can improve through group study

Assalamualaikum.In my opinion a student academic performance can improve trough group study.First,when students forms a group study they draw up a schedule for their group discussions.In this group discussion,students are able to share and contribute ideas and opinions on various topics.Due to that,all members of the study group have to keep to the schedule and prepare for the topics to be discussed.This will forces them to read up consistenly.Secondly members of the group have to be dicsiplined in order not to let the group down.When discussing specipic topics,members of a study group will give their views and interpretations.If any members does not understand a particular topic,the others will help to clarify the issue.Last reason is,group study enables all the members of the group to benefit or learn from each other as each members is good in a different topic and subject.Furthermore,topics that are dicussed with friends are easier to remember than topics that are reads up alone.

reference by;book of study skill workshop

Environmental problems and their effects

Many environmental problems are currently occuring.Among these problems are polluted waters and felling of tress,precious topsoil has been replaced with poison and clean air is now filled with dirt,filth and danger.Genetic engineering has destroyed plants and animals.Furthermore,changes in the topography of the land have led to destructive landslides and floods.As a result of these environmental problems,less oxygen is produced as tress continuee to be felled,water will become undrikable and deadly new disease will emerge.Inevitably,humans will fall sick as a result of the overuse of chemicals in agriculture,food production and industrial process.

reference by:book of agromedia

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hew soon's experience at the correction centre

Hew soon was very unhappy when he first moved into the correction centre.He thought the rules were too strict and he missed his friends.One day he ran away but was found after two weeks and returned to the centre.An understanding instructor,Mr Gunathan,became his guide and counsellor.Hew Soon was inspired to study hard at computer graphics,which he was interested in.Slowly,he became a reformed person.His relationship with his mother improved.Meantime he developed his leadership potential.Later,he qualified in his choosen subject,and now teaches at the centre.

reference from story book(experience)

Peer influence is more important than parental influence in a child's development

Researches do not have absolute proof that parents' upbringing shapes a child's personality.A new theory states that a growing child is influenced more strongly by his peers than by his parents.Children develop away from their parents towards their peers.They want to be like other children .If they are rejected by their peers,they become miserable.One survey shows that more children blame their peers than their parents for their unhappiness.Therefore parental influence is not as crucial as previously believed.Adopted and natural born children with a common upbringing have been observed to develop differently and many children behave differently at home from when they are in school.They can survive parents' wrongs,peer challengers and adapt to the world outside.

reference from article 2005
Authorised by dr.hamdi

Protection of wildlife

A tiger cup about to be sold to a restaurant attracted public attention.Tiger meat is still in demand because it is believed to be good for the health.Despite the tiger being protected,poachers still hunt it for financial gain.Recently an animal lover heard of a tiger cub about to be cooked.He bought and sent it to the Malacca zoo for safe keeping,however disappeared from the animal clinic.He reappeared but it was not known whether he was accidently released or stolen.Human being like exotic meat and many species,such as the leatherback turtle,remain endangered.Laws are passed to protect turtles.We have to protect animals for future generations.

Important of silk today

The Chinese discovered silk and kept it a secret for 2500 years.For a long time only royalty could use it.Despite exporting silk to the West,the Chinese guarded their knowledge of silk strictly.There are many stories about how the secrete went abroad.The Japanese used Chinese maidens with knowledge about silk to smuggle out mulberry plants and silk moth eggs.The Chinese bride of an Indian prince hid those items in her headgear.The secret went to Europe via Constantinople,carried by two monks in their canes.Today silk is available to everyone,although still highly priced.It is also useful in other fields like medicine and technolgy.A new source of silk has recently been discovered in Indonesia.It is a wild moth producing silk thread.Companies from developed countries are been to know more about it.This industry might become important to the country,s economy.

reference from encyclopedia

why the International Hunting Organisation was set up

The Ibex is a mountain goat living in certain mountain ranges.In Pakistan's Hunza Valley it is endangered.Inhabitants there traditionally hunt for wildlife as a food source.This activity reduced the Ibex population by 200 a year.An organization was founded to save the animal.Local inhabitants are strictly forbidden from hunting Ibexes.Instead foriegner buy special licences for trophy hunting.This means only 20 Ibexes are killed a year.The money raised goes to the village to buy food and improve their livelihood.So far the scheme is working.However,critics are raising issues like the long-term effects,the money based activity and the possible inclusion of other endangered species in the scheme.The villagers themselves are unhappy.The arrangement is unfair to them.Forigners have stolen their old practise in the name of conservation.Other forigners are also against this licenced to kill practise.Photograph and appreciate the animals alive,they say.

reference by historical book

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Influenza is an infection of the respiratory system.It is caused by virus.When the protein coating of the virus changes new strains appear.The signs and symptoms are similar to that of a cold,but often severe.When an infected person coughs or sneezes,droplets of the virus float in the air.Another person gets infected by breathing in these droplets.The virus multiplies quickly once it settles on body areas related to breathing.Rest,drinking plenty of fluids and milds medication usually get rid of influenza.However,people with prolonged or more serious symptoms have to be treated by doctors.

reference from medicine book

Haze situation

The haze is the collection of very small widely dispersed particles in the atmosphere.Skies become grey.Hazy conditions occur in most industrialized areas as a results of emissions from motor vehicles,factories and opening burning.When the haze occured,Malaysia blamed indonesia farmers for burning forest.Yet,Malaysian farmers were partly to blame.The malaysian Air force sent aircrafts to spray salt solution on clouds to encourage rain.The haze affects the very young and elderly especially those with respiratory illnesses.The air pollution index warns people of danger levels so they can protect themselves.The government advises on safety measures and if necessary,closure of building.

reference from encyclopedia
authorised by dr.steven

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia.We have one of the most developed transportation system in South-East asia.Trishaw,buses,taxis,ferries,boats,planes-we have them all.Long distance travel can be done cheaply and efficiently.As accomodation Malaysia has a wide range and variety-from budget motels to five-star hotels.Take your pick!And to top it all-prices are very reasonable.Malaysia also has many beautiful hill resort -Penang hill ,Cameron Highlands Bukit Larut,Fraser hill and genting highlands.The cool and refreshing air up in the resort makes them very popular with holiday ,who can enjoy activities such as hiking,camping,bird watching and swimming.lastly malaysia has something for everybody.Come and experience for yourself the legendary Malaysia hospitality.Come for the best holiday of your life.

reference from tourism book 2006

Friday, July 25, 2008

Industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology has application in a number of industries,chemical,food processing,pharmaceutical and textile.Temendous advance in basic biology at the cellular and molecular levels have created numerous commercial oppurtunities in modern biotechnology.The biotechnology industry need scientist trained to facilitated the translation of basic biological researh into application of commercial importance.nomaday malaysia was focus their biotechnology research on food crops and crops of high commercial value in the hope of meeting increasing food requirements and reducing poverty,particularly among resource-poor farming households.

Environmental biotechnology

Environmental biotechnology is the most widely used technology for wastewater treatment,for both municipal and industrial application.It is higly imperative to specialize and explore the field of environmental biotechnology as the study environmental science is dynamic and is difficult to keep pace with the rapid advances in the field of biotechnology.The ultimate motive of such a specialization is to have an improved scientific understanding of how environmental system work and a better ability to predict the consequences of human non-human disruptions of the environment.

Agriculture biotechnology

Agriculture biotechnology is a technology that has been regarded as part of the ''sustainable productivity equation'' in agriculture.It present applications in agriculture include conventional breeding,tissue culture and micropropagation,molecular breeding or marker -assisted selection,plant disease diognostic,genetic engineering and production of GM crops.
Many countries focus their biotechnology research on food crops and crops of high commercial value in the hope of meeting increasing food reguirement and reducing poverty,particularly among resource-poor farming households.the malaysian government strongly believes that biotechnology will propel the country into the new frontier of economic growth current research priority areas in agricultural biotechnology include tissue culture, molecular marker technology and genetic engineering for plant improvement.


Friday, July 11, 2008

secret person

now,i will present about nur anis.You can call her nass.Her age twenty years old.She come from Perak.She has a good hobby.At weekdays she will surve internet to get more information.As a people,she has a favourite food and drink.Favourite food is tom yam and favourite drink is warm water.