Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hew soon's experience at the correction centre

Hew soon was very unhappy when he first moved into the correction centre.He thought the rules were too strict and he missed his friends.One day he ran away but was found after two weeks and returned to the centre.An understanding instructor,Mr Gunathan,became his guide and counsellor.Hew Soon was inspired to study hard at computer graphics,which he was interested in.Slowly,he became a reformed person.His relationship with his mother improved.Meantime he developed his leadership potential.Later,he qualified in his choosen subject,and now teaches at the centre.

reference from story book(experience)

Peer influence is more important than parental influence in a child's development

Researches do not have absolute proof that parents' upbringing shapes a child's personality.A new theory states that a growing child is influenced more strongly by his peers than by his parents.Children develop away from their parents towards their peers.They want to be like other children .If they are rejected by their peers,they become miserable.One survey shows that more children blame their peers than their parents for their unhappiness.Therefore parental influence is not as crucial as previously believed.Adopted and natural born children with a common upbringing have been observed to develop differently and many children behave differently at home from when they are in school.They can survive parents' wrongs,peer challengers and adapt to the world outside.

reference from article 2005
Authorised by dr.hamdi

Protection of wildlife

A tiger cup about to be sold to a restaurant attracted public attention.Tiger meat is still in demand because it is believed to be good for the health.Despite the tiger being protected,poachers still hunt it for financial gain.Recently an animal lover heard of a tiger cub about to be cooked.He bought and sent it to the Malacca zoo for safe keeping,however disappeared from the animal clinic.He reappeared but it was not known whether he was accidently released or stolen.Human being like exotic meat and many species,such as the leatherback turtle,remain endangered.Laws are passed to protect turtles.We have to protect animals for future generations.

Important of silk today

The Chinese discovered silk and kept it a secret for 2500 years.For a long time only royalty could use it.Despite exporting silk to the West,the Chinese guarded their knowledge of silk strictly.There are many stories about how the secrete went abroad.The Japanese used Chinese maidens with knowledge about silk to smuggle out mulberry plants and silk moth eggs.The Chinese bride of an Indian prince hid those items in her headgear.The secret went to Europe via Constantinople,carried by two monks in their canes.Today silk is available to everyone,although still highly priced.It is also useful in other fields like medicine and technolgy.A new source of silk has recently been discovered in Indonesia.It is a wild moth producing silk thread.Companies from developed countries are been to know more about it.This industry might become important to the country,s economy.

reference from encyclopedia

why the International Hunting Organisation was set up

The Ibex is a mountain goat living in certain mountain ranges.In Pakistan's Hunza Valley it is endangered.Inhabitants there traditionally hunt for wildlife as a food source.This activity reduced the Ibex population by 200 a year.An organization was founded to save the animal.Local inhabitants are strictly forbidden from hunting Ibexes.Instead foriegner buy special licences for trophy hunting.This means only 20 Ibexes are killed a year.The money raised goes to the village to buy food and improve their livelihood.So far the scheme is working.However,critics are raising issues like the long-term effects,the money based activity and the possible inclusion of other endangered species in the scheme.The villagers themselves are unhappy.The arrangement is unfair to them.Forigners have stolen their old practise in the name of conservation.Other forigners are also against this licenced to kill practise.Photograph and appreciate the animals alive,they say.

reference by historical book

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Influenza is an infection of the respiratory system.It is caused by virus.When the protein coating of the virus changes new strains appear.The signs and symptoms are similar to that of a cold,but often severe.When an infected person coughs or sneezes,droplets of the virus float in the air.Another person gets infected by breathing in these droplets.The virus multiplies quickly once it settles on body areas related to breathing.Rest,drinking plenty of fluids and milds medication usually get rid of influenza.However,people with prolonged or more serious symptoms have to be treated by doctors.

reference from medicine book

Haze situation

The haze is the collection of very small widely dispersed particles in the atmosphere.Skies become grey.Hazy conditions occur in most industrialized areas as a results of emissions from motor vehicles,factories and opening burning.When the haze occured,Malaysia blamed indonesia farmers for burning forest.Yet,Malaysian farmers were partly to blame.The malaysian Air force sent aircrafts to spray salt solution on clouds to encourage rain.The haze affects the very young and elderly especially those with respiratory illnesses.The air pollution index warns people of danger levels so they can protect themselves.The government advises on safety measures and if necessary,closure of building.

reference from encyclopedia
authorised by dr.steven

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia.We have one of the most developed transportation system in South-East asia.Trishaw,buses,taxis,ferries,boats,planes-we have them all.Long distance travel can be done cheaply and efficiently.As accomodation Malaysia has a wide range and variety-from budget motels to five-star hotels.Take your pick!And to top it all-prices are very reasonable.Malaysia also has many beautiful hill resort -Penang hill ,Cameron Highlands Bukit Larut,Fraser hill and genting highlands.The cool and refreshing air up in the resort makes them very popular with holiday ,who can enjoy activities such as hiking,camping,bird watching and swimming.lastly malaysia has something for everybody.Come and experience for yourself the legendary Malaysia hospitality.Come for the best holiday of your life.

reference from tourism book 2006

Friday, July 25, 2008

Industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology has application in a number of industries,chemical,food processing,pharmaceutical and textile.Temendous advance in basic biology at the cellular and molecular levels have created numerous commercial oppurtunities in modern biotechnology.The biotechnology industry need scientist trained to facilitated the translation of basic biological researh into application of commercial importance.nomaday malaysia was focus their biotechnology research on food crops and crops of high commercial value in the hope of meeting increasing food requirements and reducing poverty,particularly among resource-poor farming households.

Environmental biotechnology

Environmental biotechnology is the most widely used technology for wastewater treatment,for both municipal and industrial application.It is higly imperative to specialize and explore the field of environmental biotechnology as the study environmental science is dynamic and is difficult to keep pace with the rapid advances in the field of biotechnology.The ultimate motive of such a specialization is to have an improved scientific understanding of how environmental system work and a better ability to predict the consequences of human non-human disruptions of the environment.

Agriculture biotechnology

Agriculture biotechnology is a technology that has been regarded as part of the ''sustainable productivity equation'' in agriculture.It present applications in agriculture include conventional breeding,tissue culture and micropropagation,molecular breeding or marker -assisted selection,plant disease diognostic,genetic engineering and production of GM crops.
Many countries focus their biotechnology research on food crops and crops of high commercial value in the hope of meeting increasing food reguirement and reducing poverty,particularly among resource-poor farming households.the malaysian government strongly believes that biotechnology will propel the country into the new frontier of economic growth current research priority areas in agricultural biotechnology include tissue culture, molecular marker technology and genetic engineering for plant improvement.


Friday, July 11, 2008

secret person

now,i will present about nur anis.You can call her nass.Her age twenty years old.She come from Perak.She has a good hobby.At weekdays she will surve internet to get more information.As a people,she has a favourite food and drink.Favourite food is tom yam and favourite drink is warm water.