Thursday, August 28, 2008

What makes a good power point and presenter?

A Good power point presentation must be included:

1 have attention getter
2 use simple word to understand the audience
3 don't write more than neceesary
4 enclose some picture to attract the audience
5 have a good body and conclusion
6 background not too crowded
7 conclusion-summary of main point
8 the slide must be concise and clear
9 lastly it must be well organized

A Good presenter must have:

1 arrange your point clearly
2 be simple and direct
3 don't make rude or unnecessary jokes
4 be confident
5 adress the audience appropriately eg:ladies and gentlemen,my friend,etc
6 put each eloboration in a new paragraph
7 don't go out of point
8 speak loudly and clearly
9 don't turn back against your audience
10don't read your text too much

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The oldest radio service?

Amateur's have been around since the beginning of radio itself when many individuals built,communicated and experimented with radio.They communicated using Morse cord,that strange configuration of dits and dash still holds the fascination of many operators todays.Amateur's,or ''hams'' as we are known,have been at the forefront of radio technology.Many hams have pioneered the art of radio and provided experimentation which has led to many of today's high technology communication capabilities.A good example of this experimentation is communicating through a personal computer.Hams also communicate with computers,but instead of using the phone lines to transfer the information,we send the information over the air waves using HF or VHF/UHF radio equipment.

What is the life cycle of a star?

A star is large ball of gas that gives off light from an ongoing nuclear reaction.The reaction starts when temperatures in the dense gas core reach about 1800,000F and this nuclear fusion can go on for billions of years.Stars about to be born from a cloud of gas and dust are called protostar;bright stars like our sun are in the prime of life.Aging stars expand and grow into hot red giants,then they cool,and shrink into bright white dwarfs.When a star runs out of fuel,it reaches the end of its life,like this doomed star captured by the Hubble Teleschope

What planets don't have moons?

In our solar system,only two planet don't have moons.The planet closest to the Sun,Mercury,doen't have any natural satellites.Even though Venus is nearly the same size,mass,and distance from the sun as the earth,Venus also does;t have moons.But between 1672 and 1892,a few astronomers saw something near venus that seemed like a moon.In 1884,one astronomer suggested that they had seen a new planet that was in conjuntion with Venus every 1080 days.He named the planet Neith.But later scientist proved that it wasn't a planet at all-astronomers had mistaken distant stars and asteroids as a moon or planet.So Venus is alone in its orbit.

reference from:the book of universe

Are UFO real?and Why are some stars red??

THE truth is ,nobody knows for sure,but it's very unlikely that UFOs are real.Why?Because the distance between the Earth and the nearest posible source of intelligent life is very,very large.It would take millions and millions of years for a spaceship to travel this distance.But there may be intelligent alien life out there,far away-you can learn more about the search for
''extraterrestrial''(meaning ''outside of the Earth'') life at this great site,Life Beyond Earth.

A star's temperature dictases its color-a blue-white star is very dense and hot,while a red star indicates that its energy has begun to fade.Therefore,a star that is nearing the end of its life is called a red giant.While humans grow smaller in old age,stars grow bigger until they eventually collapse and die.In the far-off future,our sun will probably ballon into a red giant and destroy the Earth!Fortunately.,it'll be a long time before we have to deal with that problem.

reference from:the book of universe

Why is it cold in space?

The average temperature in deep space is about 3 degrees above absolute zero(that's the coldest anything can get).But some parts of space are hotter.Near a star,space is hot because stars give off radiation.Earth is swarm because it's close to the Sun,and it's atmosphere trap's the Sun's heat.But most of space is very cold because the universe is always expanding.The Big Bang theory explains how the universe was created with a huge explosion where matter started moving outward.As matter expanded,it good cooler.Scientists can measure this temperature and call it the cosmic backgroud radiation.It's the same everywhere in the universe,unless a star like the Sun is around to heat things up.

reference from national geographic channel

The ways to protects your computer from viruses

There are some ways to protect the computer from viruses.First,install the antivirus software in the computer to safeguard from damaging viruses.Second,purchase software from a trusted and reliable source.Third,when copying data onto a floppy diskette,run a virus check on the diskette before using it.Fourth,viruses can move across computers through e-mails,therefore,e-mails users should not open mails from uncertain sources.Finally,use the computer virus killing software to eliminate an existing computer virus.Additionally,scan and carefully examine the entire system to ensure that the virus did not penetrates other parts.

Why coral reefs should be conserved?

Coral reefs should be conserved for several reason.One is to prevent some marine species from extinction.Furthermore,coral reefs are an important source of nutrition and livelihood for many.Conserving reefs also contributes to the economy of fishermen as the yield for marine reserves are encouraging.Besides that,coral reefs help to maintain the habitats of many marine species by facilitating the growth of mangrove swamps and seagrasses.Reefs also helps to prevent shoreline erosion.Corals are also valuable as potentiol sources for medicines.Finally,coral reefs have the potential to increase the income generated from eco-tourism.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How stress affects performance

Sufficient stress causes a state of healty tension and helps us perform well.If we have too little stress,we become laid back.while too much stress can cause exhaustion and possible illness.Good stress motivates us to achieve sucess,as the pressure enables us to work more effectively.Stress also helps us to give our best in challenging situations.Furthermore it helps us to carry out day-to-day activities adequately.However if the extent of action required is greater than can be performed,unhealthy stress can arise.Working under stress for long periods of time can affects our job,relationships and health.

Advantages and Disadvantages of surfing the internet

Surfing the internet allows a person easy acess to information.Users can do research via the internet.Besides,they can exchanges news and ideas and make friends in 'chatrooms'.Moreover,they can recieve advertisements on products and services available online.However,surfing the internet can be misused.This occurs when people use it source for immoral materials and to spread rumours and lies using 'chatrooms' facilities.This unfounded news may cause panic and unrest.Virtual friendship can also be 'addictive',time-consuming,deceptive and expensive.Furthermore,users are bombarded with genuine and bogus advertisements of products and services.

''RUKUN TETANGGA'' teams be set up to patrol the neighbourhood at night.

There has been an icrease in burglaries in my neighbourhod and the residents are very worried about their safety.So leader in my villages was forward a proposal that is to set up Rukun Tetangga teams to patrol neighbourhood at night.This method has been proven to be effective with its past implementation in many neighbourhood.There is zero cost as residents take turns to patrol the neighbourhood.Because the patrolling is done at night,this will deter many break-ins as most of the case happen in the night and early morning.Lastly,besides being an effective deterrent,the other benefit of a Rukun Tetangga patrol is that resident get to know one another and build rapport amongst themselves.This in itself is a benefit as a residents who know one another well,will be able to discuss issues and work closely to improve the safety of their neighbourhood.

student's academic performance can improve through group study

Assalamualaikum.In my opinion a student academic performance can improve trough group study.First,when students forms a group study they draw up a schedule for their group discussions.In this group discussion,students are able to share and contribute ideas and opinions on various topics.Due to that,all members of the study group have to keep to the schedule and prepare for the topics to be discussed.This will forces them to read up consistenly.Secondly members of the group have to be dicsiplined in order not to let the group down.When discussing specipic topics,members of a study group will give their views and interpretations.If any members does not understand a particular topic,the others will help to clarify the issue.Last reason is,group study enables all the members of the group to benefit or learn from each other as each members is good in a different topic and subject.Furthermore,topics that are dicussed with friends are easier to remember than topics that are reads up alone.

reference by;book of study skill workshop

Environmental problems and their effects

Many environmental problems are currently occuring.Among these problems are polluted waters and felling of tress,precious topsoil has been replaced with poison and clean air is now filled with dirt,filth and danger.Genetic engineering has destroyed plants and animals.Furthermore,changes in the topography of the land have led to destructive landslides and floods.As a result of these environmental problems,less oxygen is produced as tress continuee to be felled,water will become undrikable and deadly new disease will emerge.Inevitably,humans will fall sick as a result of the overuse of chemicals in agriculture,food production and industrial process.

reference by:book of agromedia