Friday, October 10, 2008

How to use equipment

The most important parts of fire extinguisher are the handle,the cylinder and the nozzle.In order to release the chemicals,you must press the handle.So,first,remove the locking pin.Next,hold the cylinder upright.Now stand about three metres from the source of the fire.Pick up the nozzle and aim it at the best of the fire.Squeeze the handle for the chemicals to be released.You have to move the nozzle from side to side.Keep on pressing the handle until the fire is completely out.If you cannot control the fire or if it spreads,you have to ask someone for help to call the Fire Department.While waiting for the Fire Brigade to respond get yourself out of the house.Inform the neighbours to take precautionary measures.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

what to do during a fire drill

when you hear the school bell ring continuously for one minute you will know that this is a fire drill and you must take the appropriate steps.Quickly line up outside your classroom.Do not make too much noise.Wait for your class monitor to check on attendance.The class monitor should call out all the names in the class register.He should take note of all those absent so that he can give the names to teacher.Walk in an orderly manner to the main entrance.Do not push or giggle at this time.All drills should be taken seriously.Each class follow an assigned route to the assembly area.Assemble in the school field.Your position should have been assigned to your class earlier and your class monitor will lead you to the spot.Do not move away at any point.Your teacher will check the register.Remain quiet until told to return your class.A fire drill is an important part of school procedures and should be taken seriously.

An unusual Hobby

I have an unusual hobby.I love skateboarding of the extreme kind.There is a small group of us who try to outdo each other in the 'tricks'-the more dangerous,the better.I started skateboarding at a very young age.My father bought me a skateboard when i was nine and i took a great liking to it.At first i 'walked' more than skated on it.Then i gathered courage and actually skated.There was a skating rink in my housing estate for those who rollerblade and the smooth paths helped me become more confident.I started watching extreme sports shows on television.I also bought video tapes and magazine and finally joined a small group of skateboarders.Some of us even tried dance steps on skateboards.I like skateboarding because I find it exciting.A little danger adds to the thrill.Skateboarding is also a good form of exercise .My parents are not too keen my hobby .They would rather i do something safer like jogging or cycling.When i talk about taking part in extreme sport festivals ,they protest strongly.They do not like what they seen on television.I do not blame them.I still enjoy the skateboard.

A car for future

The car is called Future Model XO.Although it has a simple design,it is the built on the most advanced technology.It does not run on fossil fuels and thus is energy saving and non polluting.It is shaped like a bread box,with rounded corners that make it look attractive.At present it comes in only one size,that of an average passenger car.It has a seating capacity for five adults,including the driver.All five seats in the car are ergonomically-designed.Passengers have good back support and plenty of leg room.All seats have individual levers for adjusting their positions into upright.The car's electric motor runs on solar energy.There is no exhaust pipe.Therefore it is vehicle that does not pollute the air.The very efficient motor is also designed to store energy whether it is running or at rest.This ensures a constant supply of power to the engine.The body of the car is built with a special insulating material.No air conditioning is required.Above the dashboard is a special monitoring device that sets the inside temperature at a comfortable level.Thus the car is warm in cold temperature and cool when it is hot outside.This is indeed a car that will solve our energy problems and bring clean air back to the environment.

Keys to Health

To stay healthy,you need to work on exercise,diet,weigth control and good health habits.Regular exercise is essential for good health.It good the muscles,strengthens the bones and makes the hearth and lung work better.Exercise also helps to relieve stress.The most beneficial type of exercise is aerobics.Aerobic exercise in the form of jogging,cycling and swimming,strengthens the heart.To maintain a healthy life,it is necessary to develop good dietary habits.Eat more whole-wheat grains,fruits,vegetables and fish.Decrease intake of animal protein and fats.Use less salt and take at least 1000mg of calcium a day.Developing good health habits is important if you want to keep healthy.Dont's smoke,avoid excessive alcohol intake,and keep moderate hours.Go to bed early and wake up early.Being overweight can lead to a lot of health problems.You can suffer from heart disease,high blood pressure and gall bladder disease.Weight control requires effort and self control.Diet and exercise play the most important role in weight control.There are other threats to health but if you remember the points mentioned above,you should enjoy good health.

Traditinal Entertainment

It is sad that the traditional forms of entertainment such as mak yong laut,wayang kulit,bangsawan and mak yong are rarely seen these days.The wayang kulit was vvery popular in the 1950s but there are now only two or three puppeteers(dalang) still actively performing.Even they have to supplement their income by selling puppets or fishing.It has not always been like this.For example,in the 1920s Malay opera(bangsawan) was so popular that the performers were full time actors.What has caused the declined of traditional entertainment?The obvious cause is the loss of interest and support from the public.Young malaysians,especially,have no interest in the old forms of entertainment.Furthermore,there are no special programmes to train new performers.Old artistes discourage their children from performing.So what can be done to save traditional entertainment?The first step is to provide oppurtunities for traditional artistes to perform .Sponsorship from bodies like the Tourist Development Corporition will help.Finally it is clear that these steps must be taken to preserve traditional entertainment for future generations

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soy-wonder anticancer agent for reproductive health

You have heard it before,eat your fruit and vegetables,it is good for you!Well,it is true.Eating more broccoli,cauliflower,grapes,onions,and soy beans may help to protect you from cancer.It is not just because of the nutrients they contain,but it is more likely because of these chemicals found in these foods.These chemicals are called 'phytochemical'.Phytochemicals are actually health benefiting compounds in food that cause reduction of particular degenerative disease.There are predominately found in certain categories of food called functional food influences specific physiological functions in the body,providing benefits to health,well-being or performance on an individual,beyond its regular nutrition.For example
From tofu and tacos to baby formula and burgers,soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of protein,with a reputation for being all natural and good for you.Soybeans contain an impressive array of phytochemicals,the most interesting of which are known as isoflavones,a natural chemical that mimics estrogen,the female hormone.Mounting evidence points to the fact that eating soy foods may reduce risk of ovarian,breast and even prostate cancer.Research suggests that soy isoflavones act in four distinct ways:as estrogens and antiestrogens,as cancer-enzyme inhibitor,as antioxidant and as immune enhancers.