Thursday, October 9, 2008

An unusual Hobby

I have an unusual hobby.I love skateboarding of the extreme kind.There is a small group of us who try to outdo each other in the 'tricks'-the more dangerous,the better.I started skateboarding at a very young age.My father bought me a skateboard when i was nine and i took a great liking to it.At first i 'walked' more than skated on it.Then i gathered courage and actually skated.There was a skating rink in my housing estate for those who rollerblade and the smooth paths helped me become more confident.I started watching extreme sports shows on television.I also bought video tapes and magazine and finally joined a small group of skateboarders.Some of us even tried dance steps on skateboards.I like skateboarding because I find it exciting.A little danger adds to the thrill.Skateboarding is also a good form of exercise .My parents are not too keen my hobby .They would rather i do something safer like jogging or cycling.When i talk about taking part in extreme sport festivals ,they protest strongly.They do not like what they seen on television.I do not blame them.I still enjoy the skateboard.

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