Thursday, October 9, 2008

A car for future

The car is called Future Model XO.Although it has a simple design,it is the built on the most advanced technology.It does not run on fossil fuels and thus is energy saving and non polluting.It is shaped like a bread box,with rounded corners that make it look attractive.At present it comes in only one size,that of an average passenger car.It has a seating capacity for five adults,including the driver.All five seats in the car are ergonomically-designed.Passengers have good back support and plenty of leg room.All seats have individual levers for adjusting their positions into upright.The car's electric motor runs on solar energy.There is no exhaust pipe.Therefore it is vehicle that does not pollute the air.The very efficient motor is also designed to store energy whether it is running or at rest.This ensures a constant supply of power to the engine.The body of the car is built with a special insulating material.No air conditioning is required.Above the dashboard is a special monitoring device that sets the inside temperature at a comfortable level.Thus the car is warm in cold temperature and cool when it is hot outside.This is indeed a car that will solve our energy problems and bring clean air back to the environment.

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